Want to Go Solar? Join the Seminole Solar Co-Op
Neighbors in Seminole County have formed a solar co-op to save money and make going solar easier, while at the same time building a network of solar supporters. Co-op members work with the support of FL SUN as they go solar.
By going solar together as a group, the co-op gets a discount through its bulk purchasing power, saving an average of 20 percent compared to the cost of an individual installation. The group uses a competitive bidding process and selects a single company chosen by the co-op to install systems on members’ homes.
Each participant signs their own contract at the group discount. FL SUN works with participants to educate them about solar and acts as a consumer advocate throughout the process.
Please attend an upcoming Information Session to learn more.
To learn more about the Seminole Solar Co-op, join us for an information session:
August 19th at 1:30pm at Casselberry Library
To join the Seminole County co-op and RSVP, visit www.flsun.org/seminole.
The co-op deadline is August 25th!
Angela DeMonbreun
FL SUN Co-op Program Director

Our partners include Seminole Soil and Water Conservation District, Citizens Climate Lobby, Seminole Audubon and Central Florida Sierra Club.  

Over the next several months forums and events will be held around Seminole County to introduce our solar co-op initiative to the public, continuing the effort we began at our February Hot Topics Luncheon.  For additional information, check out the FLSUN.org web site, or just click the above logo!

Seminole Solar Kick-off!

Leaguers Supporting BCC of Seminole County’s fertilizer ordinance.


Our members are clamoring for ways to get involved; we are going to expand our menu of options!  Starting in July with our first “Monday Matters & Merlot.”  Join us once each quarter, 5th Monday of the month, for an opportunity to get involved over Happy Hour snacks and a beverage!


 Did you miss it? STAY TUNED! The Gun Safety Action Team will soon announce their next event, which will be held sometime later this year.
This “free to the public” event, Guns & Domestic Violence – A Deadly Combination, was so well crafted and received that there are already discussions in the works to present it in Leagues around the state, as well as repeating it in Central Florida!

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