MAKING DEMOCRACY WORK!  League will present comments to the Seminole County Legislative Delegation on December 16, 2016. Join us! tallahassee

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If you missed the joint Orange County/ Seminole County “Election Decompression, ” check out the highlights, below!

  • Inter-League After Election Party

LWVF is going all out for solar energy! Our Seminole League is is the planning stages for holding forums regarding solar co-ops, which can significantly reduce the cost of “going solar”.  In the meantime, Seminole residents have the opportunity to sign up to join a co-op through the Orange County League.
You can sign up on FLSUN.org. The website offers visitors from Seminole County the option of signing up for more information by clicking on “Orange County Solar Co-op”.  Sign up before 11/30/16 if you are considering solar!

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JOIN US AT OUR NEXT HOT TOPICS! LWVSC holds monthly Hot Topics Luncheons on the 4th Thursday of each month. During the election season we focus on election related issues.

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Florida Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence Initiated June 2016 with a call for a Special Session to Ban Assault Weapons and Expand Background Checks.Dear Coalition Partners; Please pass on to your members for ACTION! Call your state legislators to request a Special Legislative Session to ban assault weapons and expand background checks.

Our elected officials must act now! Over two weeks ago, the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history occurred in Orlando, Florida. The Florida Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence, a growing nonpartisan coalition with over 75 organizations, is calling on Gov. Rick Scott, Senate President Andy Gardiner, and House Speaker Crisafulli to convene an urgently needed Special Legislative Session to enact measures to prevent more gun violence in our state. Our communities deserve immediate attention from our lawmakers who are tasked to keep our communities safe.


 Join the League in our search for ways to prevent gun violence. Get more information HERE.
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And WE did it again!  Voters prevented a bad amendment from blocking the public’s embrace of  solar power and kept it from becoming a commodity, just as in the Primary, with a resounding 70%+, Sunshine State Voters elected to remove taxes on solar energy and make it more accessible to citizens and businesses!

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FLORIDA SUN – Listen to LWV FL president Pamela Goodman’s podcast press conference on the League’s committment to  environmental issues, sustain- ability, and in particular, our determination to make solar our #1 issue.

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Past Presidents Skyping with Sara McClendon, 1st LWVSC President!

Past Presidents Skyping with Sara McClendon, 1st LWVSC President!

50th Annual Meeting, June 2016 Celebrating 50 years of MAKING DEMOCRACY WORK!

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In addition to our monthly Hot Topics luncheons, several times a year we present a Forum, several are scheduled for the summer and fall of 2016.  A Forum might be a panel discussion on the Pros and Cons of  aVoter Education particular legislative issue, an opportunity to introduce local candidates during an election year, or a discussion on a subject of interest to the community.

We are one of two local Leagues, our sister league being the League of Women Voters of Orange County (LWVOC).    We frequently participate in shared committees, events and programs, as we recognize our shared responsibility to inform voters in Central Florida.  In addition, you will want to explore THE LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS OF FLORIDA, which provides a wealth of information and opportunities for education and participation.

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