Susan B. Anthony, activist & suffragette who greatly influenced multitudes of women who followed in her footsteps.

Since 1920, The League of Women Voters has stood for freedom: freedom to vote, freedom to understand the issues, to serve and be served, no matter how rich or how poor. Our mission is to encourage the informed, active participation of citizens in government.

A section in the LWVS handbook outlines the non-partisan policies of the league, as follows:


  • The League, as an organization, takes political action on selected government issues.
  • The League encourages its members to be politically active in their communities.
  • The League, as an organization, shall neither support nor oppose:
  • Any political party, candidate, or office holder for elective office, or
  • Any group in its action for or against political parties or candidates. This policy applies to partisan and nonpartisan elections.
  • Situations not specifically covered by these guidelines shall be reviewed and revised from time to time, especially prior to elections.
  • Follow the Non-Partisanship Policy of the National and State Leagues.

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